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Sugar Jones

Sugar Jones has been blogging about life, love, and the internet since 2007. Her tweets about everything under the sun came soon after (2008), and that's when things got interesting. With years of marketing and sales experience and a desire to work on passion projects, she decided to take a chance and ride the wave of this whole digital thing.

So far, it's worked!



Over the past ten years, Sugar has had the pleasure of working as a Brand Ambassador for various lifestyle companies such as Nintendo, Invisalign, Vicks, and Verizon. She has also worked on amazing campaigns for Ford, Harley-Davidson, Kodak, Stella Artois, and many others. Her focus has always been on living life to the fullest, which is the spirit she brought to her work with these and other brands.

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television appearances

Sugar has been featured on various local San Diego news stations, as well as San Diego Magazine, talking about food, fun, life, and social media.

Sugar has worked with PR companies to create segments around client products and campaigns. If you’re looking to get on air exposure in San Diego, contact Sugar!


Click on the images below for a sampling of the words Sugar has strung together for lifestyle, company, and community sites.

 If you'd like to work with her on your next campaign, promotion, or lifestyle segment, drop her a line below!

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