Processing Our Feelings About Avengers Endgame

Me: “When we first walked out of the theater, I said I felt like Avenger fans got avenged.”

Hannah: “There’s still so much more that I want, but there was no more room… It was three hours long and they didn’t waste a single second. If anything, they could have gone four hours.”

Ryan: “I think we could have all sat through another hour, no problem.”

My kids and I were so excited to watch a preview of Avengers Endgame earlier this week. We were completely blown away. I left the theater with makeup smeared all over my face from wiping tears away. It was so completely gut wrenching and thrilling. There were some things that happened that we kinda figured would happen. A couple of things that happened, I called. I just have to say that. It’s so rare that I’m right with these two.

We couldn’t figure out a way to talk about the movie without giving away so many spoilers, so what I’m telling you right now is, DO NOT LISTEN TO THIS DISCUSSION UNTIL YOU WATCH THE MOVIE!!!

I promise you… you will hate me and my kids for spoiling such an epic movie for you. So please, in the name of all that is holy in this world, watch the move first. Then come back and tell us we’re wrong or dead on or dumb or whatever.

If you HAVE watched the movie, proceed: