Teacher Appreciation Week for Sugar Mama

Well, well, well... it's Teacher Appreciation Week. And being a mom who schools her children at home (as well as someone who likes loves to be appreciated), I have a small list of requests that I am sending to my students-slash-children:

Dear Students-slash-Sugar-Babies:

It has come to my attention that this is Teacher Appreciation Week and while I know how much you appreciate my endless hours of curriculum preparation, creative teaching, and planned outings to enhance all that you're learning, it would be really great to actually SEE some expressions of that appreciation. 

Now I'm not saying I don't totally love all the sweet weed-like flowers that I receive on our walks or the hand painted murals you leave me on the walls, here are some other ideas that you may want to consider:

You know how I like my coffee really strong in the morning? And you know how I have to get up and cut my coffee grounds even finer because I stupidly gave away my grinder thinking that I would never need it again after I bought the pod press coffee maker? Well, how cool would it be for your Mommy-slash-Teacher to wake up to pre-cut grounds? That would definitely show some serious appreciation. Now remember, don't tell the nice lady from Social Services that I approved the use of the Ginsu knife. She wouldn't understand.

AND... how cool would it be for your Mommy-slash-Teacher to wake up to that coffee already made? I know she would really appreciate that kind of appreciation! Just sayin.

Pancakes are nice, but crepes are better! I like my crepes with a nice thin layer of Nutella spread. Then fold the crepe in fourths (fractions, remember?), drizzle a little chocolate sauce and then sprinkle some powdered sugar on top. That should be pretty easy, right? I mean... you do appreciate me, don't you?

Mama's tootsies have been neglected for far too long. If it's not too much trouble (and it shouldn't be compared to ALL that I do for YOU!), I'd like to have a spa pedicure treatment. Now, I know Grandma Jones sent you that Christmas money for you guys to buy something special for yourselves, but I also know that I've taught you that it's better to give than to receive. So really... this is more for you than me. Anyway, take that Christmas money you've been saving and let's go get my toes done!

Nothing says love and appreciation like folding and putting away the laundry. You know how much Mommy-slash-Teacher HATES that, so what better to show appreciation for the woman that is teaching you how to read and write than to put the damn laundry away? Isn't it the least you can do? Just in case I haven't taught you how to organize your laundry (because there hasn't been much example of that lately), watch the video I took last week while I was at the spa and you guys were locked up at home alone with your big sister.

You know what else mommy hates? Water waste. We live in a desert. Remember our ecology lessons? Not much water in deserts. So that's why I need you to buy me the Bosch Vision Washer and Dryer. The machines are smart like you guys (thanks to all of my teaching) and know just how much water to use so that we're not wasting what precious little we have out here. And the nice people at Bosch also told me that there are lots of rebates available through the state and retailers, so you really shouldn't have to sell TOO much lemonade. And BONUS: while you're selling that lemonade, you're learning real life skills like accounting, marketing, and business management. 

You kids are SO lucky!!

Mommy also hates noise, so you can show your appreciation by putting down the recorders for the week. Or, just get me the Bosch Vision set. Not only are those suckers water and energy efficient, they are WAY quiet. Like you guys... when you're sleeping.

Free foot rubs would be nice this week, too. Could you suspend charging me for those, you know, just for this one week? I would really feel appreciated then. 

Well, that's it for now. Please be on the lookout for the Birthday and Mother's Day request letters!


Mrs. Sugar Mama
Your Teacher and Mom
and the reason you exist on this planet


Dear Readers, 

Bosch hosted a group of us at a Blogger Retreat at Montelucia in Scottsdale. Staying there was such an amazing and lovely experience. It's where I got my clarity on, remember? They also had us out to their training facility where we learned about the technology behind their awesome appliances. I took copious notes, like I promised. I will dazzle you all with my new laundry knowledge soon. Until then, you can see some of our witty tweets by looking up #BoschH2H.