Media Monday: Quitter

I used to be a recruiter. That means I met and interviewed a lot of people and got some of them jobs. I also saw some people take jobs that I knew they would grow to hate because they so obviously should have been pursuing their dreams. But sometimes... most times... dreams don't pay the bills. Ironically, it was during that time that I started kicking my own butt about dreams and bills and pursuing the wrong goals. I wasn't meant to be a recruiter. I was meant to help people, but not in that role. Bills still needing to be paid, I did the only thing I could. I got married.

Don't judge me. At least I married the first person that ever introduced me as a writer. I returned to recruiting for about a year when times were tough in his industry. While I was there, I began dreaming from my cubicle and from my home computer during the wee hours of the night. I'm still pursuing those dreams. And guess what? Bills are getting paid. But it wasn't easy. Which is why I think less people choose to pursue their dreams... it is friggin' hard!

This guy did it. Then he wrote a book about it. His story starts in a bathroom stall...

I watched this video, grabbed my NookColor, and downloaded the ebook ($9.99). If you're dreaming of quitting, you might want to do the same.