And the Kodak Zi8 Goes To...

Thanks for making my decision really difficult, you guys!

There were lots of sweet and brilliant and hilariously funny ideas. And Mocha Dad... love you but, if I had to watch video of someone reading all of their own tweets, I might just lose my marbles. After thinking about which ones would be most entertaining and gain a broader following, I came down to the Final Four... plus one:
  • Chelsea - it would be freaking awesome to capture the nocturnal wanderings of a cat.
  • Lu - I would totally laugh out loud at the Idiots On the Loose meets What Not To Wear idea. 
  • Mel - Toilet papering a house in doilies would be a stinking riot! It would totally go viral.
  • Jesse - A show about a Zombie outsider trying to make it in the world? While tweeting? Awesome.
  • Deb - Survivor, the Blogger Edition? Holy hilarity!! I'm packing my bags for the island!
Alas, only one Kodak Zi8 and Gorillapod to give away. 
If you watched my Red Carpet recap from the Streamy Awards, you'll know that there was something I said would be so much cooler than "stupid vampires"... and that was...
Congratulations, Jesse!! 
Now if we can just get some Zombies on an island with Bloggers and see who survives... or maybe cats that find crazy people wearing doilies in the middle of the night. Now THAT would be epic!