One for Me, One for YOU!

In the Streamy Awards video, I poked fun at my audio visual set up. It's not that the camera was anything less than perfect. It was more because it looked like this:
The photo on the left shows the Kodak Zi8 is screwed to a Joby Gorillapod that is wrapped and then duct taped (closer look with the picture on the right) around the pole that was holding up the Red Carpet tent. My $25 Radio Shack microphone jack is sticking out the right.  Pals from Kodak and Mingle Media TV helped me get it pointed right. Then I turned it on and waited for all the people to come down the runway. 
It was all very glamorous.

But it's not fair that I should get all the goodies, is it?

Kodak didn't think so, either. 
When they gave me the handy little Kodak Zi8 to use at the Streamy Awards, they also said, "Hey Sugar! You wanna give your readers one, too?" Yeah... they're really sweet like that. And I said yes, of course! I mean, why should I be the only one that has a hand camcorder with HD quality and a mic in? Can I just tell you how much I LOVE the mic in capability? I DO!! And since you never know when you might need to clamp it to the side of a pole or to the end of a bookshelf in Barnes & Noble (who me?), you have to have the Joby Gorillapod. And if you're lucky, I might throw in a roll of slightly used duct tape. 
Yeah... I'm really sweet like that.
So here's the giveaway challenge. Tell me what kind of web show you would like to record with your new Kodak Zi8. Would it be a spoof on script writers that sit around a coffee shop talking about writing all day but not actually ever writing? Or would you do some Idiots on the Loose (aka man on the street) interviews where the people you meet don't know anything about anything? Or would you just interview friends and ask them random questions like, "What's the weirdest thing about you?"
Oh wait... some of my friends are already doing that.
Alright then... tell us... what would YOU do?

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