Getting Fit and Having Fun with Striiv

Great news!!

Remember when I told you all about my new walking buddy, Striiv? You don't? Okay, watch the video in my original post about Striiv... then I'll tell you the great news.

I'm waaaiiitinnng.





You're back!

Okay, so now that you know about the cool little device that makes walking and exercising fun, here's the bonus part.

In addition to the popular features such as Walkathon in your Pocket charity donation and the MyLand game, Striiv is adding the following new features:

Personalized Challenges: Striiv will recommend unique, personalized challenges mapped directly to a user’s individual activity level. Challenges will adapt based on personal best scores, daily averages, and even stair vs. step count.

Minutes of Activity: Users can track how many minutes per day they are active in addition to steps, stairs, calories, and distance. Users can track against health industry recommendations or Striiv daily average, currently nearly 60 minutes per day.

Expanded Game: Due to overwhelming demand, the built-in MyLand game is adding a new island, as well as updated plants and fixtures that can only be unlocked though physical activity.

The new software update is included in all new Striiv devices and is now being rolled out as a free software download for current Striiv devices via the Striiv Sync.

And because getting fit with friends is more fun than by yourself, I'm resurrecting my Virtual Walking Group (it died over the holidays). On Twitter, the hashtag will be #StepItUp. If you'd like to be added to a Facebook group, leave a comment or send me a message on Facebook. The idea of the Virtual Walking Group is to stay motivated beyond the thrill of the resolutions writing. We'll post our walks, jogs, or stair stepping, and hopefully get some healthy encouragement to keep going. I don't know about you, but I love getting encouragement from friends!

If you don't have a Striiv unit, you can still join in on the Virtual Walking Group fun, but if you'd like to get one, go to the Striiv site and order up.

Walk on, my friends!