Settling In... Catching Up

The only way I know what has happened this week and in what order is to read my tweet stream and Four Square check-ins. Otherwise, it's all just a big ol' blur.

First of all, let me say congratulations to Mrs. Natalie. She won the Namaste drawing for a yoga mat. Awesome.
Sunday was the Streamys... and I was there... but you wouldn't know because I don't have any video or pics up. I'm working on that. All the fun will be up tomorrow. Without spoiling tomorrow's post, I can say that I had a fantastic time being a Red Carpet Correspondent for Kodak. It was cold as a witch's you-know-what, but it was a lot of fun. You'll see when you come back tomorrow. PLUS, you'll have a chance to win something really cool!
Yesterday, the Sugar Babies and I (and a bunch of other bloggers who mom and their kids) got to visit the newest show at Sea Life Aquarium at Legoland. Shark Talk entertains and teaches kids all about the newest member of the aquarium, the Hammerhead Shark. Did you know they can see ALL around? Like 360 degrees! Crazy, right? At the end of our day there, all the kids got to take home a plush "hammie" puppet. Later that afternoon, I had a raffle on Twitter. The winner of two passes to Sea Life Aquarium is LaPrimera! Congrats girl. Hope you have fun!!
The last few days have also been spent catching up on some real life events that are coming up in May. On the first weekend of May, I'll be in two places at once. 
Sort of. 
I'll be at Bloggy Boot Camp on May 1 presenting with Katie Prescott on Vlogging. We'll be giving some basic tips as well as getting people excited about being in front of the camera. I know it's not for everyone most of the time, but I think we all have a little ham in us that enjoys the camera every now and then.
In the meantime, my buddy, Hip Mom will be holding down the fort at KidsFest San Diego. She'll have some great info on Happy Healthy Hip Parenting... being that she's a Happy Healthy Hip Mom. Throughout the event, there will be lots of vendors, fun, and giveaways for parents attending. PLUS, at our local bloggers booth, I'll have a donation bin for people to bring a package of diapers for Help A Mother Out. All donors will receive a raffle ticket for a chance to win a Kodak Playsport HD video camera. They are rugged and waterproof. Perfect for San Diego parents. Since I'm the HAMO representative for San Diego and since I'll be coordinating the Kodak giveaway, I'll be getting on a plane in Phoenix Saturday night and jetting home for the second day of fun. If you're in San Diego, be sure to stop by the booth and say hi!
So all that... plus the unpacking and unpacking and unpacking... has been keeping me fairly busy this week. I'm really really REALLY looking forward to some more yoga this weekend.
Peace, Love, and Sugar