New Blog Smell... Same Old Sweet

I got a new theme! What do you think?

We were having SOOOO many issues with old themes and WP upgrades and bad plugins. Every other month, the blog looked like a three year old had gotten hold of the password and was playing with the code.

Thanks to my patient pal, Astacia at Expand Social Media, the new theme is up and it looks almost the same. See up there? The same header, just a wee bit less HUGE! And we put in a few additions. If you look down below the post on the main page, I added big buttons for my regular categories. I also have recent posts and other stuff to the right. If you click on each individual post, the page changes up a little.

Go on... go click something... you'll see!

You like that? Me, too.

I've also added all my social buttons to the top of the page. People weren't seeing them as little wrapped candy icons, so we changed them out and put them up higher. Now, they're obnoxious and obvious. Like me! ;)

If you're a crunchy type, I hope you subscribe. I'll be writing extensively here and on Aiming Low Teach about my adventures in gardening and eating farm-to-table. We moved to a house that has trees filled with citrus fruit, room to grow a substantial veggie garden, and a spot that is just BEGGING for a chicken coop. Right now, I'm working on some stinky composting and I'm at war with a little clan of gophers. I might get all Caddy Shack up in here pretty soon!

I'm also going to return to interviewing awesome peeps like I used to back when I had a BlogTalkRadio show, but we'll be doing videos for more face time. The series will be called "Living the Sweet Life." I'll be featuring people that took the bold step of following their passions and, to get all Thoreau on you, live the life they had imagined. Interviewing people for jobs or for shows has always been so much fun for me. There are so many amazing people that have such great stories. I love to hear them and I hope you will, too.

Then of course, there's always just the ocassional rant about some a-hole or other. Those are always fun.

Well, I hope you stick around... unless you're a troll that loves to write me nasty emails. If that's you, I hope you get some disgusting skin eating disease. The rest of you though, I can't wait to chat with you more about life, unrefined.

Okay then... carry on!