Sugar Cube

A week ago today, I began driving a rental car. I hadn't really planned on that. 
The Pilot decided that he had to have "his" Land Cruiser back, and even though he has a two seater that he drives to and from the airport, and even though there are three of us and only one of him, and even though this is the state of California and everything is OURS... I didn't want to argue. So I said "Sure, take the truck. Whatever." When he came to exchange cars, he told me that he had rented the car for me for the week. I thought it was odd, but again... whatever. Still I thought it was strange that he'd need the truck while he was flying, but I figured he'd be sending it into a shop to fix the brakes or something like that. I am so naive. A day and a half later, I had this nagging feeling... I sent a text asking if I was ever getting the truck back. 
He told me I had a week to find a new car. 
((Insert big cussy expletive here.))
While the Land Cruiser collects dirt at the airport while The Pilot flies all over Texas, I'm driving one of these:
At first, I thought, how am I supposed to do this move with all our crap in that little bitty car? The other thing I noticed while driving was that there was lots of overhead space being wasted. But then I started stuffing it... and stuffing it... and boy can that little car carry a ton of stuff! I began to appreciate the overhead space after making several trips back and forth to storage and was able to carry larger items like tables, dining chairs, a large reading chair, desk and hutch. Since it's so low to the ground, it was fairly easy to load heavier items into the back. The other thing that is a big bonus compared to the Land Cruiser is that I can park it just about anywhere! The only thing I had to get used to was the top of the car being so low. I have a nagging little ache on my forehead. I think I hit four times. Maybe five.
Eventually I learn.
I don't know about you, but I'm very emotionally attached to the look of a car. Even with the amazing capacity of the Nissan Cube, I still had to get past the odd look. While I think it's cute, it seemed like more of a clown car to me. I saw myself in something sleeker and sexier. Like a convertible Audi or BMW. Or maybe something tough and hot like an updated muscle car. Or even something fun like a Mini Cooper. And even though the gas mileage sucks, I'd love to drive a rugged Jeep to the beach or hiking trails. Each one of those cars speaks to one of my multiple personalities.
Skip to the other night when I was at a class on behavioral studies (so much to tell you about that!!). The lovely woman that is teaching me all about human dynamics came walking into the class and said, "Sugar... is that your Cube out there?" 
"It's a Sugar Cube!!"
And that is why I HAVE to have the Nissan Cube.
Based on the amount of stuff that can fit in a seemingly small vehicle, I was going to name this post Clown Car. But since that's the phrase that my friend Leah Segedie uses to refer to my uterus (because I've had four kids), I decided to stick with Sugar Cube.