Shaken, Not Stirred

There was a little shaking going on in Southern California yesterday.

The epicenter of the quake that rocked us is about a two hour drive from my home. In earthquake terms, that's right next door. I felt the shaking start as I was lifting a box up from my nearly empty dining room. At first, I thought it was the neighbor opening the garage, but it felt different enough for me to stop and take notice. My daughter was sitting on the floor next to me and my son was downstairs. I calmly said, "Earthquake" as if I was saying "pass the butter". But when it kept going on and on, I remember thinking this might be The One, and muttered, "oh boy..." and then several seconds later, after it didn't seem to be losing steam, I said a much louder, less calm, "Stay where you are!!"
Eventually the shaking stopped and I turned on the radio for information... after jumping on Twitter, of course.
The buzz on-line for the next hour was all about the quake, were we okay, remembering Northridge, updates on the size, how far away was it felt (Vegas and Phoenix), links to early reports and, of course, videos. Most (me included) agreed that this one was definitely longer than normal. Still, when a Twitter pal asked how I was doing, I responded, "a little shaken, not stirred."
Regular earthquakes don't really rattle me, so I was sort of surprised when I woke up to a 3 or 4 pointer this morning. I normally sleep through those. I've often joked that  "I don't jump out of bed for anything less than a 7 pointer." Typical California native. But for some reason, my senses were on higher alert today. Maybe it was that it lasted longer than expected. Maybe it was knowing about all the smaller quakes leading up to this one and all the other quakes that were set off because of this one. Maybe it's all the change that's going on in my personal life.
Maybe it's all of the above.
I have to be out of my town home TODAY and I keep having to deal with distractions. This past week was Spring Break and Easter. Not negatives, but did take away from being able to recruit friends to help out. I don't have my Land Cruiser anymore since my husband sort of tricked me out of it... long story... suffice to say, he's a real prince, that one. And now, just for fun, it's raining making things fairly interesting. I suppose I should be pretty irritated, but I'm actually feeling okay. The changes that are happening, although stressful, are all for the best. I know that. I feel that.
Much like the nerve rattling events yesterday, I've been shaken up a little...
...but I'm not too stirred.