March Madness

I know the date on the calendar says April 2, 2010. I can see it. But to me, I'm still lingering in March.

I missed out on so many events because of the fact that I keep a mental calendar of things I'm supposed to be doing. Since most of my attention has been on moving out, all other info in my head just sort of ((POOF)) popped out. Friends would ask, "So are you excited about Wednesday night?" And I would stare at them with a blank look on my face. "Wednesday?" I could only peer into their eyes hoping that I could read their mental calendars to let me know what thing I was forgetting. I think maybe I should start using my rockin' crackleberry to keep my events in order. 
Hmmm... now there's a thought.
And this move... it's dragging into the first few days of April because we (he) gave our thirty-day notice a few days late, so since I'm awesome about getting down to the wire to do things, here I am. With Good Friday, Eggapalooza, and Easter happening this weekend, you'd think I would try to get it all done before today. But no. Looks like I'll be out on Monday... the ultimate last day to be out. Like I said... I'm awesome.
So anyway... I'm still alive. But I'm feeling mad as a March hare.
Is it May yet?