Happy National Passive Aggressive Day!!

Happy National Passive Aggressive Day!!

If you celebrate, you might have a conversation like this tonight:

You're late.

You didn't tell me I had to be here on time.

Did you get me anything? 

No, was I supposed to? 

That's okay, I don't mind...

What, now I'm supposed to eat with you making that face?


Oh great, now you're crying? You're ruining my dinner!!

So do you know someone like this:
  • They keep devising ways to catch other people's attention. They never show up on time. They want others to wait for them. They invent ways to start quarrels with those that they claim to love (clear sign that they fear intimacy).
  • Often feel themselves to be oppressed by others. They are innocent victims of other's unfair treatment. The matter gets even worse when the people around them are upset by their behavior, which they don't see as being wrong.
  • They refuse to take on responsibilities. They want to live their lives on their own terms. They want to be free from any commitments. They live their lives on their own terms, regardless of how the behavior affects those around them.
  • They rarely accept responsibility for the wrong they have done. In fact, they blame those around them for anything that goes wrong for them (victim).
  • They can be, at one moment, hostile and argumentative, and at another, contrite, leaving their loved ones feeling like they have been hit by a raging storm, but oh don't those fluffy clouds look so pretty?

They are typically accompanied by a Co-Dependent... their favorite accessory. You know you've seen this person walking at least fours steps behind:
  • They walk on eggshells around the Passive Aggressive bastard. 
  • They live their lives trying not to give the Passive Aggressive bastard any reason to blow up at them. 
  • If left to this jacked up way of life, they will wither away and die waiting for the Passive Aggressive bastard to change... to stop being so damn domineering... to think about others... to accept responsibility for his actions... to be kinder... to give their loved ones nothing to fear...
And you know what? 

He ain't ever gonna change.

Relapses happen... 

Moving on.