And Then I Get This Email...

Yesterday, I didn't tell you what I feel my calling is and what I want to do because it seems crazy and if I were to pursue it, I might turn my family's life upside down... but if it worked, it would be so cool. Last night, I shared my post with my husband and how I would just love to be doing "that other thing" in my life. I've never even completely shared what I want to do with him, not because I don't trust him, but because parts of it came to me at a time when he was part of my past and I had to reconcile our relationship, past, present, and future before I could drop this on him. To be honest, I was nervous to share my crazy idea with him. But he surprised me with some positivity. So we started tossing around some ideas on how to make it happen, and then I watched some trash t.v. and went to bed.

Then today, I get an email with this in the subject line:

"What if your life purpose seems crazy?"

Holy mother of what the crackers???

Within the email is a video of one of my favorite on-line people interviewing another favorite on-line people. I've never met them, but if I ever do, I'm going to tell them this story. I might cry or pee myself. Whatever. Sugar don't care. So I watched it and heard echoes of the things I said yesterday. Calling. Purpose. No regrets.


If you've ever felt like YOUR purpose is crazy, if you've been afraid to follow a calling that you can't explain, if you know you have some other purpose that you must act on rather than die with regret, watch this awesome interview of Marie Forleo interviewing Mastin Kipp.