Red Carpet Bleachers, Part 1

There are SOOO many other pictures, but I haven't rounded them all up yet... 

Some things you didn't see:
  • George Clooney's girlfriend's zipper busted open in back. 
  • Zac Efron walking around once, twice, three times a photo hog.
  • Poor Kathy Ireland walking super slow hoping someone would stop her for a photo or interview.
  • Mary Hart's amazingly stylish stylist whom I named "Ken" for obvious reasons.
  • The surreal glow surrounding Anna Kendrick. She was so beautiful in person.
  • Gerard Butler's sexy swig of water that made me thirstier than I've ever been.
Here's part 1 of our Oscars Bleacher Bum day. It's all the stuff that was going on leading up to the heavy hitters showing up to the party. You'll see camera crews and correspondents getting their notes ready and checking the hair, makeup, and lighting, plus some very recognizable faces.

Oscars Red Carpet Bleachers Part 1 from Sugar Jones on Vimeo.

((If you are reading this in an email, please click over to the blog for the video.))

As for the giveaway... none of the three finalists got the answer right, so it seems that I ROCK at the trivia stumpage... woo hoo!! For their efforts, I'm trying to see if I can get them ALL a video camera. If I can't get a camera for all of our finalists, I'll resort to the scientific choosing of a winner: letting one of my kids pick a number between one and three.

And to that ONE person that emailed me... you were right... but keep it to yourself for now.

Look for Part 2 on Friday!