Live the Sweet Life Sunday

Live the Sweet Life (or LTSL for short) is something I've been wanting to get off the ground for a couple of years now. Live the Sweet Life is more than a cute saying. It's a challenge to be true to yourself.

What is the Sweet Life?

The answer to that question is unique to every person answering it. In a nutshell: It's living in your joy. It's knowing what your strengths are and living in a way that honors your unique talents. It's understanding and accepting yourself. It's living the life you were created for.

Finding the Sweet in the Bitter

Through all the bitter parts of life, I always tried to look for the positives. I live in a wonderful part of the world, I have great friends, good health, a roof over my head... not too shabby. But life still deals hard blows and I can't always be sunshiny. Then there are the times I get too far inside my own head or dwell on the things I don't have or haven't accomplished. I can start to really feel sorry for myself. Ever have those days? It's at those moments that I can really be thrown off track and forget what I was created for. That's when I need an energy boost so I do something that gives me joy. Sometimes it's gardening. Sometimes it's a ride on my bike at the beach.

Sometimes, it's doodling:

I always liked riding my bike and doodling, but I didn't realize that I needed those things in my life to chill out and get back on track. That's not to say that you would benefit from riding your bike over reading a book or going for a run. Different people need different things to reconnect and reenergize. I discovered what I needed when I took the Y.O.U. test.*

Your very own Owner's Manual

Y.O.U. is short for Your Own Understanding. The Y.O.U. test is lovingly referred to as an Owner's Manual. It's more than a personality test because it goes deeper than other tests. It goes beyond who we are to find out WHAT we are. We have so many people telling us what we "should" do, but they are trying to tell us how to drive our car with their Owner's Manual. What works for them may not work for us. Trying to be someone you're not will only drain you of precious energy and possibly make you feel like a failure.

Nobody was born with an Owner's Manual, but that doesn't mean you can't get one now.

But LTSL is more than a test...

You don't have to take the test to live the sweet life. My hope is that Live the Sweet Life will become a movement of people committed to living truer, more authentic lives, free from fear of the kind advice or unkind opinions of others. You may be doing that already, but maybe need to check in with other Sweet Lifers. That's why I'm creating this weekly link up.

I'm inviting friends and followers to share their sweet stories, one little morsel at a time. On LTSL Sundays, I'll be sharing stories from friends or things to do or think about. I'll be inviting you to share your sweet life with us, as well. Starting next week, I'll have a link up and hey, maybe even a badge!

I hope you'll share your Sweet Life with us.

See you next Sunday!


Doodle created by me on ZeFrank's Scribbler Too. Go on... go doodle something!

*Want to get your own Owner's Manual? Email me at LTSL @ SugarJones (dot) TV