Still Need a Home Phone?

Increasingly, people are opting to not have a land line in their lives. Almost everyone in our lives has a cell phone that we can reach or be reached at, but there is still a place in my life for a home phone. I don't know about you, but I don't like being instantly reached at all times by all people. For instance, service providers or deliveries or utility companies. I'd prefer to send those calls to a main hub that anyone at home could answer. Even my kids' schools. Emergencies, yes. But the long-winded recorded weekly announcement from the principal? Not so much.

How about a phone for grandparents to call their grandchildren for those of us with kids that still don't have cell phones? Or a way for the kids to connect without using your cell phone.

See? Still plenty of reasons to have a land line.

I recently received a Verizon Home Phone Connect package. I thought it might be tricky to set up, but after clearing off some counter space for the router-like device (at only 5.4″ wide and 4.2″ deep, I didn't need to clear that much space), all I had to do was plug it in. I connected a Motorola handheld to one of the two available ports, and VOILA... Verizon Home Phone connected! My phone service was already set up for me, but normally you would add a quick over-air activation (*228) to the set up process.

You don't have to have a Verizon plan to get a Verizon Home Phone Connect, but if you do have an account, you can add this line on to your plan just as you would a regular phone line. You can also use an existing land line number, if you have one. It's compatible with your existing corded or cordless handsets, and includes the following features:

  • Voice
  • Caller ID Name
  • Call Forwarding
  • 3–Way Calling
  • Voicemail
  • E911 Support
  • Integrated GPS for 911 Support
  • Messaging: SMS for network message only
  • TTY/TTD Compatible


For only $19.99 a month, you get Unlimited Local and Long Distance. Verizon offers very competitive international call rates, too! So if you're calling to Mexico on a regular basis, you can add that to your service for a small fee ($3.99) and get calls for as low at .06 a minute.

And in case of a power outage, the battery backup  will provide 3.5 hours of talk time and 36 hours of standup time.

If you still need a landline in your life, check out the Verizon Home Phone Connect option!
Disclosure: As a Verizon Home Phone Connect Ambassador, I was given a complimentary device, short term service, and a Motorola phone to try out and comment on the Verizon Home Phone Connect service in the next few months. I'm also being compensated for my posts. Never fear... if I don't like something, I'll speak up, either here or directly to the Verizon team. If you have any questions or concerns that I can pass along to Verizon, let me know!