Vote for My Friend... She's HOT!

Sondra (aka @Hip_M0M) is one of my dearest friends and I am so thankful to know her. We hit it off when we met a year ago and she has taught me so much about living authentically. She's sweet, and kind, and has spent hours on the phone and in person with me talking me down off the ledge. She is my little Yoda. 

But that's not why we're here!!

We're here to talk about how HOT she is! I mean... look at her:

She's so hot, those little duckies nearly melted right ON her!

So she's up for the Hottest Blogger Calender for Jan/Feb of 2011. If she wins... what am I saying? WHEN she wins, she'll get a trip out to NYC for a photo shoot. Not sure if there will be more rubber duckies in danger of melting. Anyway, she totally deserves this not only because she's hot, but because she is a cool friend and one Hip Mom! And if you are now thinking about rubber duckies in a whole new light, I hope you go and vote for my awesome, sexy, super sweet friend by Friday, March 5th. 

To vote, click HERE. She's the third from the bottom of the female category; Sondra LaBrie - Happy Healthy Hip Parenting.


No rubber duckies were harmed in the writing of this post.

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