Cents and Sensibility

Well, I made my decisions. Several actually.

Sadly, I decided not to buy any of the items that I found at Nordstrom. Rather, I decided to stop avoiding my urgent dental issues. And then I decided to completely change my living situation and... well... now I've got one less tooth and I'm moving in with family next month.

The spoiled little girl in me wants to pout and say, "But I wanted new clothes, and I wanted to stay in my townhome, and I wanted to have perfect teeth!!" Then the voice of sensibility jumps in and says, "Snap out of it! You don't have enough money for all of that!" The reality sinks in and I get mad and just so frustrated that I don't... 

but just for a little while. 

Because something sings to me from this one little bit of my psyche that looks very much like the cliffs over the beach in Narnia, all lush and golden. That place in my mind is where I keep my dreams and thoughts. That's the place I nurture my ideas and watch them grow. In that place, there is no big pile of money. Just plans to live an authentic life. And a big lion that rawrs when I need courage and strength. I was thinking about all the cool stuff that I want to do and accepted that this might be the time to release fears about money that are draining me  and put positive energy and action into the dreams. And maybe later, I can start thinking about getting a cute little place for me and the babies... me with nice teeth... and a rockin' wardrobe.

At this point, you might be thinking I didn't get myself anything. Don't be silly!

In fact, I went to Nordstrom Rack and spent the better half of a day scouring through racks and racks of misplaced dresses, wrestling with hangars and straps, and trying really hard to pretend I wasn't about to lose it. I had almost settled for something gray just because I was DONE shopping when I came across a little something sexy in mulberry. And mulberry just happens to be my favorite color! I also found a cute little black cotton bubble dress with a very simple rossette treatment in front. I'm pairing that with sparkly gray leggings for the bleachers. I heard it might be cold that day, so I'll be bringing my mulberry colored pea coat (natch). As I laid my ensemble out on my bed, I realized something funny: 

I'm going to match my blog!

Way to represent, right?

I bought all of the items (except the peacoat) for less than the price of the least expensive item that I tried on last week at the regular Nordstrom. Now that was being sensible about my cents!! It was the right thing to do considering the fact that the dental emergency cost more than all the clothes combined. Did I mention we don't have insurance? Yeah... ouch. So, I'll be smiling a little smaller in pictures this weekend and I'll be living a little smaller starting next month.

But I'll keep dreaming big.


And just to keep things real... here's me looking pretty post op:

Sexy, right?

You're never too drugged up to miss a good opportunity to laugh at yourself.