Whatever Will I Wear To The Oscars??

Hi. My name is Sugar. It has been five days since my last post. 

These are my excuses:

Catching up on laundry.

Catching up on homeschool.

Panelist for Kodak's K-Zone at PMA 2010.

(That's mw on the left with @Karie_Reynolds @jeffHazlett of Kodak and @CheekyLotus)

Swanky little LA Mom Bloggers party at the Ritz in Laguna Niguel. 

(Lots of great products that I want to tell you about, but I'm still going through all my notes.)

Wine and Cheese party at Osteria Romantica in La Jolla.

(That's San Diego Momma and Mama Mary Show... and then the rest of us.)

Shopping for the Oscars.

Ummmm... yes... I have to buy something to wear to THE OSCARS!!

I found out about a month ago that I was going to be a guest of Kodak's in the bleachers at the Oscars this year. When we finally got to talk about it in public, I started getting asked what I was going to wear. And then all of the sudden, my excitement went right out the window. Because when I say "I have nothing to wear", I am not exaggerating. Since I lost weight, I haven't replaced my clothes with items that fit. Not only that, but I've realized that I buy really conservative clothes. I have a bunch of skirts to wear to tea or Easter Sunday, and I have the matching sweater sets to go with them. I have a few tops to wear with my kicking around the house jeans. I even have two suits should I have to present at a meeting.

But I do not have anything sexy or fun or anything that screams Sugar in any way, shape, or form.

So I went shopping. 

Sort of. 

I went to try on a bunch of stuff. Some outfits for the bleachers (we were told to dress comfortably) and something for the Viewing Party at El Capitan (we'll be slipping into cocktail dresses later). My friend Stefanie of Ooph introduced me to her fabulous stylist, Tracy at Nordstoms. I'm so glad she did. I would never have picked the clothes she had set aside for me. They were hip and hot and not ANYTHING you'd wear on Easter Sunday. 


I wanted to take all of these home, but since I don't exactly have massive discretionary income to throw at a new wardrobe, I need to think about what to purchase. Here are some of my options:

More check-ins at Nordstrom
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So HELP!! Which ones do you think I should go with??