I Think It's French for "Fabulous Sale"

Have you heard about vente-privee? Although vente-privee was founded in 2001, vente-privee (in a join venture with American Express) only launched in the US in late 2011. At the end of 2000, current CEO Jacques-Antoine Granjon and his associates began to conceptualise the sale of end-of-season and overstock inventory through limited-time sales events on the internet. As pioneers of the model of online flash sales, their goal was to fulfil supplier’s needs to quickly sell excess inventory, without harming the brand’s image or competing with other distribution channels. The company started in Europe: first in Spain and Germany, then in Italy and UK, and more recently in Belgium, Austria and The Netherlands.

And now they're here!

vente-privee offers quality American and European brands up to 70% off retail. As if that's not enough, you get free shipping for orders over $100. Here are some of the recent product lines that have had flash sales on vente-privee:

Personally, I'm going to be taking advantage of that Paper Culture deal before it ends. Those cards are so cute!!

Happy shopping!

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