I Do NOT Hate Kevin Smith

I opined on this whole Kevin Smith V Southwest Airlines thing. I was on the "wrong" side... opposing the Little Guy. Or rather, the Big Guy.

I was actually on the side of the Big Corporate Jerks.

Sort of.

I'm not taking sides because I don't have all the minute details of every interaction between both camps. Sorry, but I'm not about to dig into all the cracks and crevices of who said what at what moment of the day. I'm just not. I have, however, flown Southwest for the last twenty years. I choose them because they get me to my destination at a relatively low-cost, they don't charge for my bag, and they do it all with a bit of humor. I know it's a glorified crowded bus. I totally know what I'm buying.

The only other airline I like to fly is Virgin because the seats are a little roomier, the interior is pretty cool, and they make you feel like a rockstar. For that, I shell out an extra few dollars, if I can. I don't care for Northwest Airlines ever since Delta bought them because I think Delta's customer service sucks. I don't really have an opinion on Continental since I've only flown them a couple of times. I make my travel decisions based on my experiences.

I had a few questions about how Kevin Smith made his travel decisions. That's where it all went so horribly wrong.

I began by throwing out the question, "why didn't this guy charter?" He would have had all the room he needed and been more comfortable. So one responder came back saying that Kevin Smith was cool for NOT flying charter. He was cool for flying SWA, the poor man's airline, I guess, and not being all uppity and going charter. But now SWA is the enemy. So which one is it? He's cool for flying them until they jacked him over and now he's cool for ripping them a new one?

Ummmm... whuuu?

Then I was crazy enough to suggest that a Hollywood type might be looking for attention. Apparently, that NEVER happens in La La Land. No actors or directors ever do anything crazy to get attention just before a new movie comes out. No celebrities ever get their faces all over People and Us being spotted saving the children during Oscar season. Right?

I got thrown so far under the bus for that one, that I think I have grease stains going down my back. <

I feel like I've been lampooned for simply asking questions. I was accused of making "ugly" assertions. Really? Wow. I had no idea there were so many Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle fans out there that didn't want to have any questions asked. I underestimated the fury of the Clerks fan base against anyone that might think differently than them.

My bad.

Here's my response to all the nice people who ripped on me at Backpacking Dad's house:

Today it's Kevin Smith V Southwest Airlines. Next month, it will be some other cool guy against some other Corporate Evil. I don't know that I'm going to be opining on the next Twitter mine field so quickly. The early opinions are fueled with emotion... and should my opinion be on the wrong side, I might find my little blue birdy getting roasted over coals again. So now, in this place where we should be able to assert our own personal opinions, I'm feeling like I need to shut my cake hole because I asked a few "wrong" questions.

And that sucks.

So go ahead... tear into me for... I can take it... my therapist will be happy to have my money again.