Go Heart Yourself

Happy Valentine's Day! 

What did you get yourself? 

What?? You didn't get yourself anything? I got MYSELF something. Here's a little peak...

Nice, right?

Now I'm going to get all finger-waggy at you for NOT getting yourself something. Need I remind you that you need to take care of yourself if you plan on being any good to others? Personally, I try to be as kind and loving to myself as possible (without completely going to the dark side of full blown narcissism, of course). It goes back to "If Mama ain't happy, ain't nobody happy!" But further than just instilling fear of a maniacal matriarch in those around you, think of how much better you are when you stop to pamper your mind, body, and soul. 

In the Event of a Loss in Cabin Pressure

I often refer to this part of the pre-flight safety briefing as an analogy for taking care of yourself. The instructions are to put the mask over yourself before helping kids with their masks. The reason is that if we pass out while getting oxygen to our kids, the kids are on their own. Only if we get oxygen to ourselves first are we able to help anyone around us.

Are You Out of Your Mind?

I tend to get so many balls in the air at once that I come to the end of a day or a week and wonder how I made it. With teaching the kids, writing, traveling, and consulting, time to relax gets squeezed out fairly easily. I have to make it a point not to compromise that time. I've found myself waking up earlier lately... probably because my body seems to be stuck on Central Time... so I've been taking advantage of those mornings to get up and spend some quiet time relaxing with a cup of coffee by the patio watching the sun come up and over the hills. Starting my day off like that helps me stay focused. But even on the days that I don't get up early, I find I'm less harried, I'm guessing because I've banked those other mornings' worth of chillin' out.

Girls' Night Out

I heart myself enough to give myself time for girlfriends. It's amazing how much easier life is to navigate when you have some fun time with friends to look forward to and how many days you keep smiling afterwards. Some nights we get together for dinner and drinks, other nights, we meet for crazy activities like swinging through the air. This last night out was all about the girly stuff.

I Feel Pretty... Oh So Pretty...

How often do you get yourself a little something that makes you feel pretty... even if nobody else can see it?

The other night, a bunch of the San Diego girls met us at Intimacy for  life changing event. And I'm not overstating that! After some champagne and cupcakes, we all took turns going into our dressing rooms and got "holistically" measured properly for bras. That means we got visually sized up and tried on several sizes until we got the right fit. 

Thank goodness for the champagne! 

We were all shocked to find out that not only had we been wrong about our band numbers (mine went down from a 38 to a 32) but we have all apparently been completely misguided about cup sizes. Did you know "E" does not mean a giant fishbowl?If it did, you'd be seeing gold fish in my picture. We all walked out smiling and walking a little bit taller because our girls were being properly handled. Afterwards, we headed to Bing Crosby's In Fashion Valley for some drinks and a little music. It was pretty swank and cool and since I always wanted to be Dorothy Lamour in The Road to Morrocco (and now had the perky girls that look the part) it was a great way to end the night.

Here are some pictures from the #CupcakesandCleavage night at Intimacy in Fashion Valley:

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*Bloggers were given gift certificates to go towards the evening's purchases.

So what are you going to do for yourself this week??