Valentine's Day Came Early

My husband-that-I-don't-live-with-but-still-love-most-of-the-time (aka, "The Pilot") will be flying out to Kansas City tomorrow and won't be back until after Valentine's Day. Don't cry for me. It's pretty normal. And for us, normal means unconventional.

We embrace the unconventional.

We're fairly accustomed to celebrating special days on other days than the actual dates. So last night, we had our Valentine's Day date. We went to dinner at Q'ero in Encinitas. It's a tiny little Peruvian restaurant on Highway 101 that is wall-to-wall vibrant and cozy. They serve traditional slow cooked South American tapas, soups, salads, and entrees. After a plate of thinly sliced fried plantains, we shared a few tapas (my faves were their ceviche and quinoa crusted chicken) and a drink and were completely satiated. It was absolutely delicious and the vibe in the restaurant was intimate and fun. 

It was a great little date night.

Then today, while I was out being Corporate Cindy, The Pilot (with kids in tow) went to buy my Valentine's Day gift. I've always complained to him that he just doesn't bring me flowers anymore and how easy it is to make me happy with a small bunch of daisies... so when I walked in the front door and saw flowers on my desk, I thought, awwww... after ten years together... he's finally listening!

But before I could run upstairs to thank him (aka "flash my boobs") for the bouquet, my eyes caught sight of the little extras that came with the flowers.

Awwww yeeeeaaaahhh!  Way to go, Capt. Jones.

Now I've gotta think of something more clever than a cheap flash for him for Valentine's Day. Help?