Vortexes of Happy

BlissDom '10 was just all kinds of fabulous, y'all!

There are tons of posts being written about the sessions and the parties and the food and all the stuff. It's all true. Alli and Barbara did a fantastic job. The tears that Alli shed and the cartwheels that Barbara rolled on stage were completely and 100% appropriate feelings to share! They did a great job in making this conference blissful and informative and fun, fun, fun!

But, I have to admit... I didn't go to very many sessions at BlissDom. I was working, remember? I did, however, make it a point to go to a few that I really needed to learn at. In particular, the business session (accounting, legal, and the FTC), as well as the session on advertising. I learned a ton in such a short time, specifically from Tsh of Simple Mom. I told her afterwards that she could write a seven part series on her answers alone.

We were busy from morning to night learning, sharing, and celebrating.

But then came the moment that we all had to leave. And that's just sad. If you're like me, you take your time packing. You hang out tell stories with the roomies about your favorite parts avoiding the inevitable. You check Twitter to see who is already on their way to the airport and regret out loud that you never had a chance to meet that one or two or three bloggers that you wanted to.

So you linger some more.

And you know what happens when you linger?

Awesome happens, that's what!

On our way out to the front desk, Jenny and I decided to grab a cup of coffee and just sit in the courtyard area for a few more moments before we checked out and got on our shuttles to the airport. As we were walking up to the coffee shop, we ran into Geek Mommy and Heather Solos. We hugged at our good fortune of this accidental meet up and decided that we should sit together. As we sat there, two... then four... then six... then ten more bloggers came by and sat! We all sat and talked about the weekend and about life. We took up just about every chair in the tiny patio. It was so awesome that at one point, I looked up and just shrieked in girly happiness!! I started doing a happy dance and squeed... 

"THIS is the Vortex of HAPPY!"

No, I'm serious. Ask Heather. I almost knocked her out of her chair.

There was Jenny, Lucretia, and Heather of course... but also Redneck Mommy, Her Bad Mother, Jyl from #GNO, Resourceful Mom, Rock and Roll Mama, Petit Elefant, Make and Takes, Frelle, Type A Mom... and they just kept coming and sitting down! I was like... wow! This is the great part of this blogging! All these creative types sitting around, sharing about how we're stepping out into a relatively unknown "industry" and bonding over how crazy and wonderful and exhausting life is.

Eventually, we tore ourselves away because there were planes to catch and lives to return to.

But then, the Vortex of Happy followed us!

Geek Mommy and I accidentally met again at the terminal, so I said goodbye to Catherine and Tanis (and Tanis's bedazzled cane), shoved swag and bags through security, and sat to have lunch with Lu. We noticed other Blissful smiles in the food court, so we all sat together to decompress a bit and have a few final moments of chatting and hanging out... drawing the conference afterglow out as long as we could.

It was all so wonderfully difficult to leave that I almost missed my plane!

There were other moments like that throughout the weekend when I ran into pals in the hallways and caught up on life and blogging and politics. We had deep conversations outside Fuse where Harry Connick, Jr. crooned us into submission. We discussed the world's woes between baked potato martinis and jazzercising at the Tastemaker party. We stole hugs and wiped tears all throughout. 

Those happy blissful moments... I packed them in my bag, along with bright blue feather boas, smoky eye makeup, and a spare pair of pajama bottoms (thank you Mandy!!). My bag was stuffed not only with stuff, but with a whole bunch of happy. I was so glad to take all of those moments home with me. I am STILL floating on them. And just around the time I start to come down... I hope to be on a plane to another Vortex of Happy!

'Til next time, my friends!


Thanks to my new friends for letting me crash: Jenny, Gussy, and Mandy. Y'all... that room was an awesome Vortex of Happy!!

Oh and if you were there and got a program... yes, that WAS me on the cover!! 

That's me and my girl, Lucrecer B. Missed her happy smile at this one!!