Blissful Smiles

Ahhhh... the bliss!

I am still in post conference mode. Still thinking about all the great conversations in the hallways and over coffee. Still thinking about how wonderful it would be to live in a town filled with like-minded creative types.

But there is a  bit of business to attend to before I get to all of that.

Over the weekend, I was at BlissDom in Nashville working with Invisalign. Our main project was to create a Wall of Smiles. We had a large banner resembling a cork board and upon that cork board, we were going to be placing the smiles of many of those in attendance. On Friday morning, I arrived at the booth to a blank canvas. By Saturday night, we had a beautiful Wall of Smiles!

Every picture up on the cork board had a word attached to it. I asked the ladies to think of one thing that made them smile. One caveat... it could not be their kids. I wanted them to be a little more original, even if it was their kids that gave them the greatest joy in life. Here were some of the responses:

  • Music
  • Hawaii
  • Tae Bo
  • Sunrise
  • My Dog
  • Mickey Mouse
  • Sitting on the Beach
  • Chocolate Peanut Butter Ice Cream
We asked them to tell their friends and followers to go and leave comments as a vote for them. The one with the most comments would win a $200 Amex Gift Card. One lady had a huge response to her answer: 


Corrin Foster of "Oh Hey, What's Up?" is our Wall of Smiles winner!!

We also did a business card drawing for a Flip Camera. The winner told us that her thing that makes her smile (other than her children, of course) was:


So if you are one of Becky's SisterChicks, you may be seeing yourself on video at The Violet Fig some day soon!

Many of our attendees had questions about the Invisalign braces and how they would work for their kids and teens. We invited an orthodontist to answer some of our questions on a live webcast. A few of the moms got their questions answered and we had a lot of fun talking about the old days of teasing sisters about head gear. Check it out.

Congratulations to our winners, Corrin and Becky, and a big thanks to all the ladies that participated in our Wall of Smiles and webcast!


Disclosure: In exchange for working the booth, running and promoting the Wall of Smiles and Flip contests, Webcast with Dr. Shane, Video interview of moms, and taping some smiles for b-roll, I got a conference pass and a flight out to Nashville. Room, drinks and shuttles were mine to pay for.