40 Things That Make Me Smile

This year, I decided to create a Vision Board. It's been awesome so far, but fair warning... if you are not willing to see things in your life start improving right away, don't make one! Just sayin'. It's freaky scary how many things have already changed or stuck in my head on account of this board being in my face all day long. One of the main things I put on my board was this collection of images:

With all the drama and chaos in the world, I also need a constant reminder to think of the things that are good in this life. Having this image on my vision board helps me maintain that balance in my mind.

This corner represents a few things. You might recognize the title of a women's magazine. "More" publishes content for dynamic women in their 40s and up. I was drawn to this magazine because of the amazing women over 40 that have graced the covers. Among them, Robin Wright, Sigourney Weaver, and Holly Hunter. All strong, bold women. The word "happy" needs no explaining, but perhaps the smile does. Besides wanting to focus on things that make me happy, I need to work on my smile. 

A dentist once asked me to rate my smile. I answered "10 and 3". When he cocked his head to the side wondering if I was already dipping into the laughing gas, I explained that while I thought I thought I had a great smile, I hated revealing all of my teeth. See, I have so many dental issues... so much work that needs to get done... that sometimes I'm overwhelmed by it all. The more I put it off, the worse the situation gets. But when I think about hiding my smile, I just want to cry. In fact, I was recently at the an oral surgeons office doing just that. 

I don't want to cry! I want to continue to burst out in laughter or smile wide when something in this world delights me without worrying about my dental problems. So that's one thing that I'll be working on this year.

Here are just some of the things that I want to keep smiling about:

1. Sunrise over the mountains
2. An early morning hike
3. Vanilla Americanos
4. Coffee with friends
5. Handbags
6. Fuschia
7. Pea coats
8. San Francisco
9. Skiing
10. Surfing (or swimming with a board)
11. Catching up with old friends
12. Walking along the beach
13. The smiles of my children
14. Painted hand prints
15. Playing Blokus with the kids
16. Teaching my kids
17. Road trips (the mere thought of one makes me smile!)
18. Clean Rest Areas
19. Drive-thru Starbuck's
20. Summer rainstorms
21. Rainbows
22. Seeing the kids smile at the rainbows
23. Teaching my kids to ride a bike
24. Letting the bike go for the first time
25. Seeing the smile of accomplishment on their faces
27. Riding with the kids
28. My iPod
29. Soundtrack to "He's Just Not That Into You"
30. Soundtrack to "High Fidelity"
31. Big Bands
32. Swing dancing to a Big Band
33. Super Diamond (Neil Diamond cover band that I've been going to see for over 15 yrs now)
34. Watching the scale move to the left
35. Spinach (a natural anti depressant) sauteed in a wee bit of butter and a squeeze of lemon. Mmmmmm!
36. Merlot and Cookie Dough (totally lethal together. Only use this in case of a PMS 911)
37. Girlfriends
38. Girls' Nights Out
39. Girls Weekends AWAY!!
40. Going to BlissDom to hang out with my Blogging Buddies thanks to Invisalign!!

Tomorrow morning, I will be ALL SMILES as I board a plane to Nashville heading to BlissDom! I'll be working with Invisalign* to capture many of the attendees smiles and to ask them what makes them smile. All of their photos will be up on Flickr where their friends and followers will get to vote for them to win some fun prizes. I'll also be doing a live webcast Friday afternoon with one of the orthodontists that will be on site to answer attendees' questions. If you have any questions that you'd like answered, leave me comment below and I'll make sure he covers that in our webcast on Friday. If you'll be AT BlissDom, find me and tell me what makes you smile for your chance at some of the prizes.

*Invisalign has partially sponsored my trip to BlissDom in Nashville by covering my travel and conference fee. Hotel room and martinis are being covered by Yours Truly. That would be me.

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