I Made the Final Four!

Thanks to all of you that went over to Aiming Low to vote for my White Trash recipe! Enough of you voted that I made the final round. This final step consists of some of the Aiming Low writers creating our concoctions and vlogging it. 

I was lucky enough to have Shauna Glenn make mine. Well... that's what I thought that... until I watched the video. You'll see her kids arguing over Cap'n Crunch and her teenager using the video camera as her mirror. Then she used one cup of each cereal as opposed to one cup TOTAL per package of white bark. I about died when I heard her say that! So her treat came out WAY on the crunchy side.

I still love her to death, though.

So, I'm up against grilled cheese, something called "sexy mexi" and a pumpkin cake. All fabulous foods, no doubt. But here's the thing... the winner gets the FIRST PAGE of the Aiming Low recipe book* and what would be more appropriate than opening up that recipe book and seeing "White Trash" first thing? 


So if you wouldn't mind, please head over to the post and vote by leaving a comment about how much you love me and my trash. If I win, I will personally send each and every one of you that comment a piece of White Trash.


* Proceeds from the Back Burner Recipe Book will go to Anissa Mayhew and her family.

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