The Daring Young Moms on the Flying Trapeze

Last Friday night, the usual suspects got together for a typical Girls' Night Out. Typical meaning strapping ourselves into harnesses and flying from a trapeze three stories up. Several of us even brought our families along to witness. The husbands were mostly shaking their heads muttering "crazy" and "insane". But the kids thought we were pretty cool... and any cool cred moms can store up for the teen years is a good thing. 

We started off with simple swinging back and forth and then letting go, hopefully landing on a flat back on the net below. That was such a thrill and such an unbelievable feeling. We were all so impressed with ourselves. Then the instructors started lining us up to practice our tricks.


We practiced knee hangs and swift kicks. The knee hang part was a bit cumbersome while on the ground, but they assured us that we'd be able to get it while we were weightless. The swift kicks were to prepare for the flip. Yep. Flip. Thankfully, I grew up in gymnastics and swimming, so flipping was no big deal. The knee hang, however turned out to be too much for me, mentally. I froze. I couldn't picture myself getting my legs up and through my arms quickly. I had so much negative talk in my head that even when I did attempt it, my body would not cooperate. 

But the flip was awesome! 

I don't know if anyone got video, but I nailed it, I swear! I was so stoked with the flip that I went back up a few more times to do the same. Since I didn't get the knee hang down, I wasn't one of the lucky ones that got to be caught by one of the trapeze instructors. That was the last little trick the school taught us. I told them that would have to be my "Lesson 3" trick.

My kids were so excited watching all the fun, so when the instructors offered to let them go up, I had to say yes. It was such a big thrill for them. I loved how they came down from the net beaming with a look of accomplishment on their faces. It was all I could do to pull them out of there. Eventually, we all left and went home to bed, sure that we had just had the best night ever.

Here are a few shots of all the fun:

More check-ins at circus fund
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The trapeze school we went to is called Circus Fund in Del Mar. They are a non-profit organization that uses funds raised from classes and club memberships to work with underprivileged and at-risk teens. The team that was working to teach us was just amazingly patient and kind, but tough with us when they had to be. They have a club that's set up much like a gym membership. You pay a monthly fee and go as much as you want all month long. I'm tempted to give myself that thrilling membership for Valentine's Day. 

I need lots more practice if I'm going to run away with the circus.

** A local NBC cameraman was on hand to capture it all for a local community story. Here's the teaser video:


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