Potty Talk

Turning 40 isn't all fun and games. 

Oh, there are plenty of positives. It's the point in life when many people feel comfortable with who they are. Whether you are at the top of the heap in your industry isn't necessarily as important as whether you are happy with who you are. Then there's the fact that 40 is the new 30. Thank God, because I blew that year being depressed about not being the top of the heap and definitely not comfortable in my own skin.

But there are some not-so-fabulous things that come along with getting to this age. This is the TMI portion of the post. This is where those with a weak stomach should probably jump off and go read something about happy babies.

Turning 40 is hard on the... ummm... er... hmmm... well... it's kinda hard to "go" regularly.

I saw someone tweet about how Jamie Lee Curtis used to be a hot actress but that now, she will be forever known to fans as the woman that sold yogurt that makes you "poo". I laughed at her innocence. Oh to be young and regular again. To walk around free of a bloated tum tum. How cute. I thought I'd enlighten her, but kept it simple. Why scare the girl. I sent her a private message and let her know that those of us of a certain age think of Jamie Lee Curtis as our hero. She thought that was rather humorous. Yeah, laugh now, honey. Laugh all you want.

Last week, I was having an especially unsuccessful week at the "going" so I had to resort to an arsenal of products. Along with Jamie's favorite yogurt, I got these:

I bought Metamucil, an herbal tea called "Dieter's Tea" and another, equally potent tea, aptly named "Smooth Move." I was about to grab some prunes but at that point, I was too embarrassed. (So embarrassed that now I'm blogging about it? Gah.) I was especially concerned because I didn't want to be all bloated when I wear my unitard at our trapeze class this Friday. Plus, I don't really need to be swinging an additional ten pounds around just because I couldn't go. 

You'll be happy to know that I'm all good now.

This week, I'm at a two day meeting learning more about optimal health. The doctor that is telling us all about his company and his life long quest to teach people about health and wellness. We were all giggles when it came to the scatology part of the program. The doctor called it "eliminating". Later in the day, after hours of potty talk and over hors d'ouevres and cocktails, we all started opening up about our concerns. Talk about transparency!

So all of you cute little girls in your 20s and 30s... along with the wrinkles... you have THIS to look forward to... talking poop with your friends. 


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