White Trash - The Sweet Kind

The Sugar Babies have been wanting to learn how to bake, what with their big sister being a pastry chef and their mom being an avid Food Channel junkie. 

So, we made some "White Trash" the other day.

It's not like this was really baking... but I was able to fit in some science!! 

And it was YUMMY!

Here's how you can make your own White Trash and have bit of a science lesson.

Start with Vanilla Flavored Coating, aka Almond Bark. You might think this is hard to find, but you can find it in the baking aisle at WalMart (the most appropriate place I could think to buy all the ingredients for this delicacy).

You'll want to get your finest blend of breakfast cereal. For ours, I used Cap'n Crunch, Froot Loops, and Trix.

Melt the "white chocolate" in a pyrex dish in the microwave. You'll want to melt in batches for 90 seconds, adding more squares until the contents of the entire package are all gooey. (Science: molecules are heating up!!)

Fold the Cruncha-licious Frooty Trix blend into the gooey sweetness shortly after removing from the microwave. This stuff starts to set if you leave it out too long. (Science: molecules are slowing down) 

Word of warning: Do NOT lick the spoon. You will never be able to stop!!

Just keep folding until you have this:

You can scoop the mixture onto a large cookie sheet, but I decided to use muffin tins to make small, round, cookie sized pieces as well as the larger bits above.

This small little piece is more than enough sweetness to keep the kids running in maniacal circles all day... serve with caution!!

For a more colorful version like the top photo, fill the muffin tin to the top. Let them cool in the fridge for at least thirty minutes. The mixture will harden and shrink (Science: molecules are stopped solid!) and pull away from the sides. To remove them, just give them a little twist and jiggle, and voila... they're out!

I attempted to cut the large pieces into quarters, but they just broke apart into more random pieces. But once they were on a plate, the colors beckoned. They were, in a word... 



This recipe was entered into the Aiming Low Back Burner Recipe Contest and can also be seen on Muffin Tin Mondays!!

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