My Answer to Resolutions This Year


In previous years, I've made fun of resolutions by shaking a Magic 8 Ball at them. I typically write the list of things to do that year, say each one out loud in the form of a question (for instance: Magic 8 Ball, will I lose 20 pounds?), and then shake the 8 ball for my answer. If it's a positive response, say "It is decidedly so" or the ever popular "YES", the resolution stays on the list. If I get a negative response, like "Yeah, right, Sugar" or "Don't even think about it", then I cross it off. It used to be kind of fun, but this year, since I'm kicking that monkey out of my head and because I have a big birthday coming up, I'm not letting a little toy tell me what I can or can't do. Plus I'm all superstitious and that Magic 8 Ball is kinda creepy with the predictions. 

Here's my 40x40 list so far... broken down by categories because I'm a nerd:

Five Books to Read

Life of Pi (bought but never opened) DONE
The Red Tent (recommended by several friends)
Blonde (I love me some Joyce Carol Oates!)
The Devil and Miss Prym (and I love me some Paulo Coelho!!)
Beloved (I can not believe I have yet to read this book)

Five Movies to See

Citizen Kane
Fear and Loathing in Las  Vegas

Experiences to Experience

See Wicked
Week at Pastry School
Fly myself over the Flower Fieldson a trapeze. DONE
Learn to land a planedo a somersault flip off a trapeze. DONE
Bike tour through Wine Country 

Cities to Visit

For the first time:

Get to know better:
Austin DONE
Nashville DONE
(And going back for more, y'all!!)

Writing Goals

Join a writing group
Query a print magazine (I've been too chicken to do this)
Outline and rough draft my book (again... chicken) DONE
Do Daily Morning Pages Getting to them about three times a week.
Post content four times per week TRYING

Health and Wellness

Take up yoga DONE... and continuing
Lose Embrace the final ten pounds They'll come off when/if they come off.
Start orthodontic treatment Next Month!!
Grow my own vegetables 
Train for and run in a 5k Training yes... still have yet to run one.

Personal Organization

Maintain calendar
Catalog my books What was I thinking?
Hire an assistant for projects
Outsource my webisode editing I got a Mac instead. I love iMovie!!
Do a weekly purge (out with the old and all that jazz)
Clear out the garage (this might take all twenty weeks)

Other Random Stuff

Take a weekly self-portrait (my 80 year old self will thank me) 
Woopsy... forgot to take the pics. I think I'll start NOW!!
(TBD) Start Y.O.U. prac training. DONE
(TBD) End my lease to finally BE released! DONE
(TBD) Spend half a week at a glorious spa in Scottsdale... DONE

I need to add a couple more movies and four more random items to my 40x40 list. Any suggestions?