Hard Letting Go

I'm going to come right out and admit... I am having a really hard time with the transition of sending my daughter to regular school. I keep coming up with reasons that it's just a bad idea. I mean, what if we win the lotto and I can buy the rock star tour bus with bunk beds and we can't just hit the road because she's in school? Or what about last minute trips to Park City after a good snowfall? Or how about the hassle of long lines and pricey airline tickets because we have to go on vacation when everyone else in the whole world is on vacation?

But the chances of winning the lotto are 175,711,536 to 1. No rock star dreams to worry about... yet.

The truth is that, although the inflexibility of a regular school calendar is an issue, it's something that we can work around. But not having control over things my daughter might hear or see bothers me. I think she's confident enough to know that she's a pretty bright kid. I don't think she'll be shy about walking up to a chalkboard or asking questions in class. I worry more about other kids. I hope that she's strong enough to handle the bullies, should any present themselves. I hope she'll come to me to clarify anything she might hear in class or on the playground. I hope our communication doesn't change. 

And maybe... that last one... that's the one I fear the most.

I know my daughter will have a lot of fun and make a bunch of new friends. Of that, I have no doubt. What I do worry about is that she is growing up. She turns eight tomorrow. EIGHT!! She's like, a tween! A tween with her eye on becoming a teen. A tween with a love of all things High School Musical. A tween with a sweet smile, but an itty bitty temper that sparks every now and then. I worry that we are headed towards those tough teen years and I hope that we have a strong enough bond to make it through. I'm not a complete basket case worrying about it, though. 

Okay, maybe I am.

Apart from missing her and worrying about a future that I can't control today, I worry about the daily stuff that I don't normally have to think about. If I'm on an errand and don't make it back in time, how will I let her know? What if I need to tell her to look for her dad's car, not mine? What if the school is on lock down?

"Hey, it could happen," said the basket case.

Thankfully, I received an LG Rumor from Virgin Mobile recently. It has become my daughter's phone. I had a different purpose for the phone when I first got it. But the more I thought about it, the more I knew that I was going to need a line to my daughter. Some parents might disagree, and I had a hard time coming to this decision as well. It just comes down to the fact that I want to be able to reach her and have a way for her to reach me in the event of any regular schedule disruptions. 

Her contact list is cute. It includes her two older sisters, her dad, and myself. She texts her sisters all the time just to say hi. She can also text her dad when he's off on one of his trips. We'll also be adding in names and numbers of friends and neighbors that she might need to contact, just in case. In case of what? Not sure. But it's good to be prepared... you know... in the event of that lock down! Although there's no chance of her bill getting out of hand since it's a pre-pay plan, I still set a few ground rules for usage. No texting boys except daddy, for starters!

So, off my little eight year old tween will go. Off to school in her skinny jeans with her cell phone (on silent, of course). She'll be skipping along... golden curls flying behind her... 

If you're looking for me that week, I'll be in the coffee shop, drowning my tears in a triple Americano. I may or may not be texting my baby that I miss her.

It's just really hard letting go.


Thanks to e.l.f. cosmetics for the LG Rumor from Virgin Mobile, aka Mommy's Apron Strings. 

If you'd like to win your own phone, check out the contest on Facebook. And in honor of my daughter's birthday, some of you will get a gift. I'm giving a few e.l.f. cosmetics away. Just leave a comment and I'll draw five names tomorrow night.

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