Sunday Sweets

To quote Mandy Patinkin, immortalized in his role as Inigo Montoya:

Let me exlpain... no, there is too much. Let me sum up.


First of all, I am busy working on my new blog home at Type Pad. If you have noticed, I've had some issues here with QuickBlogCast. There are just too many bugs and not enough room to get creative with the design. I'm crossing my fingers that the move will be seamless, but I really doubt it. My bio on Twitter will always have the correct link to whatever platform my blog is currently on, so I hope you keep up with me there.


Anissa is making amazing progress. I saw a random Tweet the other day. A guy who doesn't know her said, "Who is this Anissa chick? She's awake!" He was referring to Anissa's progress in the face of her difficult situation. You can read all the heartwarming updates from her husband at Hope 4 Peyton. Please note the header that quotes Romans 12:12 -

Rejoice in Hope, be patient in tribulation, be constant in prayer.

If you'd like to wear your hope for Anissa, buy a shirt!! Click on the pic below  and join Team Anissa. Proceeds go to our friend.

Fake It Foodie

So, I've always loved to host a good party. I wasn't trained at some charm school to love being a hostess. It came from years of waiting tables, tending bar, and coordinating weddings. It was a lot of fun going to a party for work. It wasn't always easy. We had a lot of heavy lifting to do. But the fun was always watching the guests enjoy themselves and leave smiling. Of all the things that I had to do, cooking was not one of them. I loved getting cooking tips from the chef, but in hosting my own parties, I knew I had to focus on the party, not the cooking. So I learned a few shortcuts and continue to find more. I noticed that many of my fake-it foodie posts have been pretty popular, so I'm thinking many of you have the same desire to party, but may not want to slave over a stove. Stick around as I post more fake-it recipes along with some of the things I learned way back in my career as a hospitality minion.

Tweeting for Hope

In the spirit of the Holidays, I am part of the Tide Loads of Hope carnival happening at BlogNosh Magazine today and tomorrow. A few of us were asked to tell our stories, but we need to hear yours, too. Why? Because someone out there is going through something you have lived through. Someone out there doesn't have hope. Someone out there needs to keep going and you might have just the right words. Please add your story of hope to the McLinky at the bottom of my last entry, Brown Paper Bag of Hope

Okay then... have a great Sunday.

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