Coming Out of the Tryptophan Fog

It's been a long, sleepy, busy week. I'm waking up tired just about every day. I blame my comforter for being so darn comfortable. It calls to me all day. Maybe it's that I haven't been out on the road in nearly a month. I'm so energized by traveling that being home tends to drain me. As I write this, I'm looking at an empty wall. I took everything down and am trying to figure out what to do with it. I'd love nothing more than to just redecorate my whole town home, but you know... I'm too sleepy.
I think another reason I've been so sleepy is that I can't stop having these crazy dreams. 
You know I'm listening to the hypnotherapy CDs for Weight Loss, right? This week, the CD is on picturing myself leaner, stronger, and thinner. It's so funny, but with all the food that's been flowing over the last two weeks, I haven't gained any weight. In fact, I was actually able to lose two more pounds. Awesome! Beyond the weight loss, an interesting side effect of the CDs has been me rethinking a lot about my personal life. I'm starting to not only picture myself leaner and stronger but also successfully following my dreams! You know I love to travel, right? Well I am actually pursuing some really cool stuff that has to do with the travel industry. I'm excited... and nervous... but mostly excited.
But back to the weird dreams.
I've been dreaming about houses and moving. Moving is exhausting enough, but dreaming about it? No wonder I'm sleepy! In some dreams, I'm in large, crowded, run down homes with lots of friends helping me pack up and move out. Or in others, I'm checking out the rooms, wondering how I ended up there, and wanting to move. In another, I was going to a new empty home looking to buy it. After a week of these dreams, I decided to look up the meaning of these strange packing and moving dreams. It's basically that I'm rethinking my identity, packing up my old thoughts and beliefs, and moving on. Now, I've been down this "rethinking old beliefs" path before. I always think there's no more to discover or leave behind, but as Dr. Lorretta told me recently, there's always more to uncover and discover about what makes us tick. 
It's pretty darn exhausting, this self-awareness thing! 
Maybe THAT'S why I'm so sleepy. Or maybe...
Maybe it's all the brainstorming I've been doing lately. There are a few new directions I'm planning to pursue that will hopefully benefit other bloggers as well as entrepreneurs looking to get into blogging as a way to get the word out about their business. There are so many great business people out there that haven't ventured beyond traditional marketing efforts. I always wince inside when someone tells me how much they are spending on a print ad when they could cut that cost and get their message out in a much more dynamic way. Some of those entrepreneurs will be wanting to meet you, too, so keep in touch. I might need your help in trying some stuff out. Or better yet, sign up for my newsletter.
Big announcement on Blog 4 Good coming out tomorrow. Hope you can come back by... if you're not too sleepy.
Anissa Update: She woke up! Read all the good news at Hope 4 Peyton.