Thoughts On Being Thankful

As much as I can, I try to stay in a place of gratitude in life. I tend to see things as surmountable, doable, glass-half-full. I try not to point out what I don't have, rather appreciate what I do have. I know there are some of you who are likely dealing with some sort of hardship right now. You're wondering what there is to be thankful for. Why should you even try? Trust me... I get that. I'm not exactly in an enviable place in life right now, either. But I do love life and I am so very thankful for so many things.

So here's what I've learned in thirty-nine and a half years of life about being thankful:

Be thankful or become bitter

There are people I know who look at every challenge in life as having happened TO them. They forget that they participated in the situation. We all make mistakes. Sometimes, we break off more than we can chew. Or maybe someone we put on a pedestal disappoints us. When we're faced with life's bummers, it's up to us to accept any responsibility and learn from it. You can blame others and be bitter, or be thankful for the lessons hardship teaches.

Be thankful or become discouraged

When it comes to big dreams (graduating from college, buying a house, writing a book), we break them down into measured steps in order to reach the end goal. It's the same in our daily lives. Even if there isn't something exciting that we're working towards, we still need to take stock and be grateful for all the little things in life. Mundane tasks can be discouraging if we don't stop to look around at all the good.

Be thankful or grow arrogant
It's easy to be thankful when you come out of a rough patch in life. Looking back on the bad times from your place on the hill is a great feeling. You might even begin to forget how it felt when life wasn't fabulous. There's something humbling about being thankful for the tough times or having to find joy in the little things. It's good to be blessed, but being too self-satisfied can lead to another rough patch if we're not careful.

Remember to be thankful all year long!


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