Give the Gift of Chickens!

I wrote recently how I had mixed feelings about Giving Tuesday. How I was sad that we actually had to be reminded to give and how we only remember to give to others in times of crisis. After a trip to the mall the other day, I felt even worse. Nobody seemed to be having any fun. If anything, the look on everyone's faces reflected how crappy I was feeling inside. We left without buying anything, not because we were overwhelmed by the shopping frenzy, but because the one thing we wanted (something for the whole family to enjoy together), was not at the store we went to. We could have gone to another store, but Mr. Jones begged me to go alone and I haven't been brave enough to go back by myself.

Today, I saw a great post on 10 Holiday Gifts that Give Back from my fellow San Diego blogger, Morgan Quinn. (Morgan was also the person I got great advice from when I was looking to get our backyard chickens. Thanks, Morgan!!)

[caption id="attachment_1672" align="aligncenter" width="560"] My Girls[/caption] On her post, she lists gifts that honor the spirit of this time of year. The items either go directly to people in need or a portion of the sale goes towards a worthy organization. My favorite one was World Vision. For only $25, you can give a family in another part of the world two chickens. Aside from providing hours of entertainment (trust me), those two chickens can help provide a family with a protein rich food source. And if they also receive a few more chickens donated from other awesome people around the world, they could actually make a little bit of money on the eggs that are produced. What would they do with that money?

Watch this video to find out what this family did:

For us, it's a few coffees with friends or maybe some impulse buys at the checkout stand. For a family in a village that we may never be able to locate on a map, it's a chance to change their world.

So, give Chickens this Christmas! That's what we're doing. :)