Give In to the Boob Tube and Save A Kitten

Television doesn't turn your brain to mush!

I'll tell you what turns your brain to mush... laundry. It's true. I mean, I'm sure there's a study out there that proves me right. The study was probably conducted by the same people that say beer is good for you. I love those people.

So, television. Where would we be without it? I mean, if it wasn't for TV, many people wouldn't have jack squat to talk about. How many people talked about Ross and Rachel as if they were a real couple that they hung out with? Who thinks they actually live on Wisteria Lane? And I know you bought a wedding gift for Jim and Pam of The Office! Not you? Just me? Oh.
You know what happens when you try and have a healthy, non-television-addicted life? You get your heart broken. You start watching again because you have a bunch of chaos in your life and need to not think for a little while, so you get lured in by marathons. Then, after losing a few good brain cells watching a whole season in one week, you fall in love with the quiet, nerdy guy with the big heart. Then BAM... he's dead! 

Don't Let This Happen To You!!

Yeah, don't let Lauren fool you. She IS cold and heartless. A few minutes later, she got all snarky and said this:
So that this tragedy doesn't repeat itself, I'm going to make sure I don't miss these two shows tonight:

Housewives of Orange County

Put down the Botox injections and watch this week. It's supposed to be all kinds of crazy! Jeanna, the former Playboy bunny is leaving the show! That's what the commercials running say, but the word on the internet is that she's still in. Contracts and such. We'll see. There's also a new mommy in town and she is younger, hotter, and sassier than ANY of them! She's apparently going to be giving Vicki a run for her money. I can't wait to see someone give that Chicken Lady a smack down. This whole Gretchen/Tamra thing is getting really vicious, too! I know it's not good for me. Neither is laundry. But beer is, so go away.

Project Runway Season Finale

The final three are headed to Bryant Park and, if you've been watching the previews, the drama doesn't have anything to do with the designers. It's all about the cool headed Tim Gunn losing his marbles back stage. The build for this event is so dramatic that I'm feeling pretty confident about making this prediction: it's a non-event. I bet it will blow over in three minutes and the rest of the show will go on. I'm pretty sure Irina will win because she's a cold heartless witch who only cares about winning, but unlike other seasons, there's no suspicions. She didn't cheat, steal, or lie. She just kept her head down and worked her butt off. Yawn. You can see why they need to create drama of a stiffly poised gay man panicking about the show starting on time.
Do yourself a favor. Save the kitties, outsource the laundry, crack open a beer, and watch some TV. Give in to the Boob Tube, baby!