Back to School Decision

From the moment I began homeschooling, I had one thing in mind... teach my children to love learning and to see the whole world as their classroom. The other thing I had intended was to allow my children the time to develop the confidence in themselves as students and as amazing little humans capable of all that they could imagine. I read that a person's world view and personality were formed by the time they were eight years old. In my mind, those first eight years were the moments to seize. The significance of all that foundational time was never lost on me. It was as important, if not more so, than how I treated my body as I was carrying them. 
I also jumped into homeschooling, head first, with one piece of advice from a friend: "It's not a permanent decision. You can always transition the kids back in when they're ready." 
Well, it seems that my almost eight year old grasshopper is ready.
At the beginning of this semester, I looked at my daughter in the eyes and asked her if she was ready to transition back into regular school. This was, after all, the plan from the moment she began Kindergarten. She looked at me like a deer in headlights and shook her head "NO!" I was a bit relieved because I had every intention to move us across country. Homeschooling would fall into that plan without causing any personal turmoil for any of us. But the window of opportunity for me to run away from home has closed... and my little girl is finally confident that she can transition into school. In fact, she is chomping at the bit!
The boy? Not so much.
My Kindergarten son still needs to have the liberty of a homeschool environment. He also needs to run and jump and crawl and squirm while learning his sight words and doing simple multiplication (yep, he's already there!), so I don't think sending him to school at this point is the best thing for him. I can see, however, that he may be ready a lot sooner than his sister was. It's strange. Of the four kids I've had, not one of them has been the same student. Not one of them has repeated the same learning habits or has grasped concepts at the same exact time as any of the others. I think that's what I love the most about homeschooling. I am their teacher. I am their guide in this world. I am the one person that knows them... really knows them. 
And I am the one that will send them off into the world when they are ready... even if I'd rather hold them close in my arms.