Aaaand... ACTION!

My day started with a wake up text from a friend that I'm helping. He said... I need you to finish that work before noon. Well, I was going to be busy working on my HP Web Printer ad at that hour. So the few hours I was going to be cleaning the house and readying the kids for our day of taping, I was finishing off some work that I thought I'd be doing on Sunday. Good thing I'm a codependent. I finished the work in the time that I was supposed to be getting ready for the camera crew. I was vacuuming Cheerios off the ground as they were setting up some massive lights. I was dusting while they were getting the cameras ready. And best of all, I was scrubbing the powder room toilet while they were calibrating the monitors. 

Yes, it was all very glamorous.

Right now, I'm typing this post as part of the ad... and I'm loving it because we are doing everything for real. We're showing how the kids are always wanting to get on the computer when I have stuff to do... which they ARE. I was starting to clench my teeth, and they had to prompt me to be sweet and nice because I sounded mildly annoyed in one take. I was thinking I was being sweet and nice. "Don't act like they're an annoyance."  Oh but they ARE annoying me!! And then I look up at the guys doing video and they're like, "we were supposed to be done about three hours ago... we're annoyed!" Poor guys. I know it's their job, but I still felt bad that they had been here this whole time and I didn't even have any beers for them. Actually, they were all very nice. Not totally annoyed at all. The producer dude was working with me on lines and giving us some promptings and lots (and lots and lots) of direction. 

I have to say, I was a lot more nervous about being on video than I normally am. I mean, my videos can have eff ups in them and that's okay. These are actually going to be used for a company, so no cussing at the kids (although I think they do have me on tape saying "shut your cakehole" to my daughter.)  I wish I could have had a friend around taping all the takes and the marks and the lighting while waiting for the next shot or bribing the kids with M&Ms and Bionicles so that they would behave and play nice on camera (all my tough parenting went straight out the window). I wish someone would have been here, but then THEY'D have been annoyed AND bribing my kids with me. 
It felt like the awesome day of reality-ish TV without all the money and glamor and fast cars of Housewives. Still... pretty cool... 
for a Saturday.