David the Cabbie

new york yellow cab

I'll admit. I wasn't really being conscious of where I was putting my blackberry. It was 1:00 in the morning and I had been out trapsing through the city, eating and drinking all day. Plus one of my contacts dried and backflipped in my eye. In order to handle the contact, I set all of my things down. I was a wee bit tipsy, a whole lotta tired, and sticking my fingers in my eye. So yeah, no... I wasn't really aware of where all of my belongings were. I was just looking forward to getting my head on a pillow and going to sleep.

Back in my room, I threw off my jacket. It fell to the floor without the normal CLUNK. Odd. I patted my back pocket and didn't feel a clunk. Uh oh. Slowly, I began to realized I was without my life line. I checked and rechecked all of my pockets so many times. No matter how many times I looked, no phone. I retraced my steps in my head then got on my laptop and started tweeting the ladies I had just been with asking if by any chance I might have left it on the table at our late night nosh fest. No replies. What did I expect? It was 2:00 am. I called the restaurant, then security of the hotel, then the front desk. Nothing. Well, sort of nothing. I got a "You're probably never gonna see that phone again, lady" kinda statement. I finally gave up, layed my head on my pillow and cried myself to sleep. 
I'm so totally serious about the crying.
The next day was absolutely frustrating. Every time I went to check my itinerary, call my trip buddies, or tweet my endless stream of thoughts, I was hit in the back of the head by an imaginary Mama scolding me with, "Whatsamatta wichew? Dontchoo remembah you lost yah damn phone cuz you wah drinking too much of dem appletinis?" The Mama in my head is obviously Olympia Dukakis from Moonstruck. I got on our tour bus and cheered myself up with thoughts of the day's activities.
New York couldn't have been lovelier that day and our tour through Central Park and to the Metropolitan Museum of Art was wonderful. Rather than tweet or twitpic or text, I took long scribbly notes on the Fashion as Art tour. I didn't have any device ADD to distract my eyes or ears. During our walk through Central Park, I had to internalize my feelings and thoughts which frankly, made for a better personal experience.I was just starting to think, hey, this isn't so bad. Then our group gathered to get back on the bus to the hotel. My San Diego pals, The Tap Hunters (Flash and Mel) told me they were heading straight to Top of the Rock rather than returning to the Hudson with the group. I wanted to go, but my voucher was back at the hotel, so I had to go back and meet them there. No problem, they said... "Call us when you get there." 
Oh wait... ARRRGHHH!!
When we got back to the hotel, I grabbed my voucher and raced to the subway entrance. My head was spinning from worrying about running late and how would I find them and what time is it and all those things that I don't worry about when I have my phone. I scrambled as fast as I could so that I wouldn't miss my meet up. I finally got to security at the entrance to Top of the Rock. The guard asked me to take my cell phone out of my bag. I resolutely answered, "I don't have a cell phone." I got off the elevator, then up to the top deck by escalator. There on a bench were the very patient Tap Hunters. We took pictures, then went off for lunch, then back to the hotel to prepare for the evening's events.
So here's where it gets all awesome.
We get to the library and do our thing (which was a ton of fun and includes me having a press pass and front row seating and I'll tell you about that later!). While we're there, I get on to check email and Facebook. On my wall is a message from my daughter. "Mom... the cabbie called. He has your phone."
Apparently, this cabbie/angel, David was cleaning out his cab at the end of the night. He finds my phone but it's totally dead. The next morning, he goes to Radio Shack and gets one of the clerks to let him charge it up. He turns it on and called my mom (listed as MOM on my phone). She called my daughter and my husband and they in turn emailed me. David held on to the phone all day waiting for me to call. I was so excited when he answered the phone! The plan was to meet later when I was done and he might be near my part of the city. When we got to the hotel, he was nearby at Lincoln Center. He drove right over and gave me my phone. I gave him a small reward and thanked him profusely for his kindness. I told him about crying myself to sleep, which he got a kick out of. He told me about Radio Shack. Then he got back in his cab and drove off. I went back to my hotel room, blackberry in hand and a huge smile on my face.
You know what? I had a great week in an awesome city, but for now... I just want to think about how awesome humans can be.

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