You know how it's a new thing to pick a word for the year? A word that you will aspire to? A word that you can set the intentions for your year upon? Not to be all, "I've been doing that forever," but... I've been doing that forever.

Back in my ladder climbing days, I chose "tenacious" to keep me going after my goals. After a particularly tough year, I decided I needed to smile more, and so I chose "happy" as my word. Another year, my intention was to "inspire". My one word always reflected where I was in life... what I hoped the New Year would bring and what I promised myself to live up to.

I had a word last year that pretty much blew all my other words out of the water. It consisted of only two little letters, but it was great in its brevity.


Be better.

Be happy.

Be there.

Be humble.

Be still.

Just... be.

I allowed the one word to expand beyond its two simple letters, breathing more life into my intentions.




You gotta admit... "be" is a kick ass word!

How do I follow that one word up? I'm not even gonna try. For the first time ever, I'm recycling my word, repurposing it for another awesome year.

It's gonna BE great. ;)