Live the Sweet Life... NOW!

It's LIVE! My new site. My labor of love. My offering to the world.

Live the Sweet Life

What's it all about?

Live the Sweet Life is a site that promotes my Y.O.U. Consultation practice. For the past two years, I've been busy getting certified in a human assessment technology, The Ultimate Life Tool. It's like a personality test, but not really. This test is based on "The Knowledge of Y.O.U." and goes deeper than any other personality test you might have taken. It's objective, rather than subjective, because it's rooted in science.


Y.O.U. is an acronym for Your Own Understanding. Understanding what motivates you, what feeds you, what you need to get back into alignment, and what your energetic boundaries are, you will be able to navigate more efficiently, reserving your energy for the things that matter most in your life.

The Test

People that take the assessment can choose to simply receive their personalized report ("Life Map"), or get the Life Map PLUS a 45 minute one-on-one consultation where we go deeper into your results and your unique design, as well as getting some practical application of the results for immediate results.

There is a third option that includes the personalized Life Map, the initial 45 minute consultation, plus a two hour portal discussing the wisdom and technology behind Y.O.U., a personalized life mapping session, and a follow up session.

There's a blog, too!

In the blog, Notes from the Trail, I'll be sharing inspirational stories, guest posts from experts of all areas of life, testimonials from people that have taken the test and applied what they've learned to their lives, and insights into the knowledge behind Y.O.U. and The Ultimate Life Tool.

So come on by... check it out... tell me what you think... share with your friends... all that jazz. :)

And if you want to know more about what makes you tick and how to navigate more efficiently in this world by taking the test, email me and I'll send you a special discount code.