First Snow Fall

Did you hear? Snow has fallen! You know what that means? 

Ski season is just around the corner, baby!!
If you ski or board, you're probably doing a little happy dance whenever the weatherman shows a cold front heading toward your favorite mountain. You might be breaking out all your gear and making hotel reservations. Well, if I might suggest, how about Park City Mountain Resort? I happen to be partial to that place for a very good reason. 
I am a Snow Mama!!

I've been a long time ski bunny, but only recently got the kids on the mountain. The Sugar Babies had a fabulous time when we visited PCMR at the end of the last season. They have a great ski school for kids (Signature 5 - limited to five students in each class) that made it more than easy for me to enjoy some quiet time on the lifts amid the whispering pines and falling snow... and then digging my sticks into the powder on the way down the fun runs! When I picked the kids up at the end of the day, they proudly showed me what they had learned. The instructors talked about what the kids had learned and what we might work on together. Later, they told me what a great day they had on and off the slopes. 
This winter, I'll be writing for Park City Mountain Resort as a Snow Mama on I'll have some tips about traveling with kids (something I know a little bit about) and having fun with (or without) kids on the slopes. The site launches soon. I hope you have a chance to check it out, and hey... 
SKI ya later!!