Starting Over

What would you do if you could start all over again? Where would you wake up?

Where would you fall asleep?

What would your heart desire?

What are the things you would taste?

What are the aromas wafting in the air?

What does the sunset look like where you are?

Would you play more?

Would you laugh more?

Would you stay safe or take risks more?

Would you sit and listen to stories or go out and create your own?

Would you dare more?

Would you care less?

About what people think?

About who might judge you?

About failing?

If you could take away all that is keeping you anchored to the spot you exist in now, who would you be?

What would you do with a blank slate? Would you be afraid or would you grasp the opportunity to start over? Would you play it safe like you always have or would you decide that you're bored of the boring and instead move into the magical?

Could you detach from the outcome? Could you just take a chance and live?

I wonder... I wonder if I could... do that.

If I have it in me.