Bubble Gum Ice Cream

When I was a kid, I belonged to a funky little hippy Blue Bird troupe. We were all Wo-He-Lo (Work Health Love) kids and named our own little troupe the Mountain Flowers. It was run by a lady named Cheryl who looked an awful lot like Cher without all the make-up and feathers. Sometimes, her friend "Popcorn" would come and teach us dances like The Hustle to earn patches. 
What can I say... it was the 70s.

We'd occassionally venture out into the world in our bell bottoms and gauchoes with Cheryl and some of the moms. Because we were a smaller group, we got to go to places that you wouldn't regularly be able to go with a class from school. One trip in particular was to an Ice Cream Shoppe. Big deal, right? Well, we were eight. At that age, it's like giong to Disneyland! The Ice Cream Shoppe was one of those old-fashioned kind where they made their own ice cream in-house. They also had some really neat flavors that we had never heard of. We walked through the whole place ooh-ing and aah-ing (and an ocassional "groovy") all the way. The final stop of our tour was to try out the newest flavor... Bubble Gum. 

I was a shy type and would sometimes not assert myself in group situations. (Don't laugh... it's true!) Luckily, I had an equally shy friend that I could hide in a crowd with. So when the group was told that we'd get a cone before leaving, and the other girls clamored and clawed to be first against plexiglass, Julie and I cautiously stepped aside and quietly went to the back of the line. By the time we got to the front of the line, most of the ice cream was gone. 

Our hearts sank... 

But wait! What to our wondering love child eyes did appear? All I could see was a little bit of cream and a whole lot of round colored bits of sweetness... It seems that the density of the gum balls was too much for the ice cream. The majority of the candies had migrated south during the freezing process. So Julie and I got all "neener-neener" on the rest of the troupe. Have your ice cream, we giggled. WE have the GUM! On the drive home, while the rest of the girls were whining about their tummy aches, Julie and I were all smiley faces as we blew the biggest bubbles you ever saw!

Good things come to those who wait!

Any childhood lessons you learned the sweet way??

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