The voice was distant and distorted from the wind on the other end.
"Yes?" Wow... I sounded more desperate than I thought I might.
Oh God, is it her? Did she decide to finally call me back after all this time?
Oh shoot... she can't hear me! Why else does she sound so confused?
"Lauren? Is that you?"
"No... "
Oh God, NO!! It has to be her!!
"No... I'm sorry... I think I have the wrong number."
I hold the phone for too long. On the other side, a click. I hang up.
Then the tears come... too many too quickly. Probably to make up for avoiding the pain all morning. 
Today is my daughter's eighteenth birthday. I haven't seen her since her sixteenth. I have tried... so many times... to make things right for us. But it's come down to her decision. I wonder if and when she will ever make that choice to return my calls and emails. She has a completely separate life now, but I still count her in mine. I wait patiently and try not to let myself get too depressed about it. But red letter dates like the day I brought her into this world... those days... well, I just can't ignore the sadness... the vast distance between us. When that call came this morning as I was sipping my coffee, I went from high hopes to absolute devastation. Of all the days for a call like that to happen... Jesus!! 
For now, I send messages. I wait. And I pray that one day that phone will ring and instead of hearing, "I think I have the wrong number," I might hear...
"Mom... it's me... Lauren."