Finding Extra Hours

There's a contest going on at a major appliance company's website that asks what you would do with an extra hour a day. Ignoring the fact that we'd have to buy three of their appliances before they'll only guarantee eight hours a month (hardly one hour per day), and that by the time we pay for the three appliances, I might as well have hired someone to come clean and do the laundry for me, I decided to answer the questions anyway:

1. Write - I have several articles and posts that I need to get to work on. They're not writing themselves! Scheduling a time to write is on my to-do list.

2. Go for a Run - It's never easy to get out on the trails... so many reasons to not run. But once I get out there, I begin to feel the life coming back into me. Great energizer and great for my health.

3. Practice Guitar - I've been picking up and putting down the guitar for a few months now. I'd love to set a scheduled time to practice learning a song or two.

4. Reading - I love to get lost in characters and unfamiliar places in time. Takes my mind off the unpleasant things in life... like folding laundry.

5. Martinis with my Girlfriends - We always have so much fun when we get together for just a short while. It's important to take the time to hang out with friends who remind us to have fun.

So, since I can't go and buy those appliances, nor can I afford to hire my housekeeper back, I'm going to have to carve some time out and make those hours magically appear. There are plenty of places in my life that I lose time because of inefficiency or lack of planning, so I suppose I could "find" the hours by getting a better handle on my daily schedule. I've also got to get a better handle on my laundry routine. As much as I hate to do it, I think I'm just going to have to start giving up my Saturdays to get that mess done. I've been washing and drying... but that whole folding thing... ick. BUT... if I want that "me" time, I'll have to swallow the folding laundry pill.

Or I could just win the lotto and hire Maria back.


What would YOU do with those extra hours?