Tattoo Barbie? Mid Life Crisis Much?

Okay, so I have a tattoo. And so you know, I am getting another one in a more *ahem* visible location than the first. My oldest daughter has tattoos, too. The little ones play with temporary tattoos at parties, and I'm totally cool with that.

So, why then, am I getting this squishy feeling about Barbie getting her tattoos?

Maybe she's doing it because she's turning 50 and just wants you to know that she's still relevant. Maybe she's trying to show up her gansta doll frennemies, The Bratz. Maybe she's trying to get Ken back... nah...

Here's what some tweeps thought about it all.

(( Click----> )) Tattoo Barbie

What about you?? What do you think about our Babs gettin' all tatted up?