Stress Induced Habits

Isn't this a pretty coffee mug?

Look closer. it's hiding something ugly: a nasty little habit.

Not the coffee, silly! Coffee is good and awesome and I will never ever quit drinking it, so back off!

No... it's another habit. Look a little closer...

See there? See my short nails? Yes, dear friends. I, Sugar Jones, am a nail biter. ((gasp!)) Since I was a child, I have chewed my nails. Apparently, my father chewed his nails, too, which drove my crazy mother even crazier. That may be why I was in no hurry to kick the habit. But then I grew up and found out that nail biting is not very sexy nor does it exude confidence. So I stopped by wearing fake nails. I decided to go natural a few years ago. My nails were growing so beautifully and long. But this season of stuff has caused me to fall back on the nasty little habit.

I am also ashamed to admit that I am an ice chewer. Not just any ice chewer. Your pal, Shoog has been known to put away a bag of ice in one sitting. They're like Ruffles to me. You can't have just one. I know it's bad for my teeth. Trust me. I'm paying for it

But. I. Just. Can't. Stop!

I don't know what it says about me that both of my  stress induced habits are about chewing, but I'm not really at the point of wanting to find out. I used to smoke, so compared to filling my lungs up with nicotine, a little gross nail biting and ice chewing that sends me to the dentist, I'm doing okay. Some of you smokers would beg to differ, I'm sure.

So tell me... what nasty little habit do you have that raises its big ugly head whenever life gets crazy?

Here's where all you perfect people can just bounce off. The rest of you... CONFESS!!